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English translation of Part 2

Images in my mind

When I look at a landscape
I experience the physical reality of what I see
Maybe beautiful, overwhelming,
Or maybe frightening.

The impressions I receive
When I study the diversity and grandeur of nature
Are saved and kept in my mind
As fragments of a visual remembrance

From such fragments of nature
That they may also deal with human emotions
I create my own unreal images,
Imaginary landscapes

English translation of Part 3

Themes in my painting

Creation and destruction
Lightness and darkness
State of mind or progress

Image visions, contrasts and totality
Rhythm and pulse
Chaos against harmony of colour
Colour as a feeling, a mood
Warm or cold
A sound of color in progress

What you can express in words
Precise and accurate
You might as well paint in bright colors

What you do not fully comprehend
You choose to explain in humble terms
The artist too, prefers to ask, or suggest a hint

English version of the CV

1938 Born in Copenhagen.
1954 – 1959 Trained as a ceramic modeller at The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory.
1963 – 1968 Employed at Square One Design Workshop, sculptor Fritz Steller, in Snitterfield nr. Stratford on Avon UK.
1975 – 2005 Founder and leader of Jaust-Hus Art School in Glamsbjerg nr. Odense, Funen, DK. Active as a ceramist, sculptor and painter in DK.
1988 - Associated with Maltese artists Gabriel Caruana and Charles Sammut, and Australian artist Bob Russell.
1988 Exhibition in The Museum Of Fine Art, Valletta, Malta.
1991 Exhibition at Biennale Internationale de Ceramica Contemporanea Grottaglie, Italy.
1997 Exhibition at Cervara Di Roma, Sala del Commune and Studio Fabio Piscopo, San Lorenzo, Roma.
1998 Exhibition at The Sculptor´s Lodge, Malta.
2003 Exhibition at Centre of Culture Laurinda Santos Lobo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2008 - 2010 Exhibitions at Gallery Sulegården nr. Assens, Funen DK.
2008 Exhibition at Gallery of Art Willemoesgården Assens, Funen, DK.
2008 Member of PABiAK - Association of Artist in Assens, Funen, DK.